First we begin with the expression”Drones”. Now, what exactly are they? drones are unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). You may have noticed some UAVs in actions such as filming war movies or action TV series. There are many types of drones offered and the future seems bright as several companies are developing new models every year. Greatest drones for new flyers Here’s a look at a Few of the top ones available right now:

Fat Shark 101 Drones for racers The Fat Shark 101 is a great small RC drone. It is small, barely noticeable and can be flown inside on occasions. Best drones for new flyers That may not be a drone that you want to fly alone, but if you have a spouse or friend who has RC flying experience you could try a together RC drone race. This is a great place to begin getting the hang of working with a drone and having fun. Check out the Fat Shark site for more information on flying and general drone racing information.

Spark Racing Drone One of the best new RC toys on the market today is the Spark Racing Drone. It’s pretty cool, seems like the actual item and runs on lithium ion batteries. It uses radio signals to ship info in the transmitter to the receiver and back , so all the power of the very small battery is utilized from the RC robot. In a nutshell, it’s an electric remote controller which allows you to control a small RC robot with your transmitter and then fly it out or indoor. Check out the Spark Racing Drone’s site for more info on the product.

PowerUp Flight Simulator Another great new toy Would Be Your PowerUp Flight Simulator. It permits you to fly RC helicopters, planes and gliders indoors, right in your living room. The simulator controls the controller, flight characteristics and permits you to fly at up to 5 ft above the floor. To truly get into the action, the PowerUp FPGV runs on lithium batteries, which means you will have sufficient juice to fly for about two hours before having to recharge.

Racing Drone RC Another new entry in the exciting world of remote controlled flying is the racing drone. This toy could be flown indoors or outdoors and is ideal for lovers of remote controlled vehicles. If you’re interested in finding a brand new RC vehicle to challenge yourself with, then that is the one to get. A racing drone operates on either lithium ion batteries or rechargeable nickel metal hydride batteries also has a transmitter like the transmitter used in RC helicopters. If you would like to find out more about racing drones, have a look at the Racing Drone RC site.

Other cool toys that are best for younger kids are the Skybot rc-pilot and Optiflow DJI drone. The Skybot is a radio-controlled robot that will fly indoors, but you can also control it using a mobile phone or handheld radio. The DJI Optiflow is a small, indoor, hard carrying drone which makes short flights indoors. Both these sorts of remote controlled vehicles can operate on batteries that are small, so there is no need to purchase large replacements to your batteries. You ought to be able to find a suitable powerup for any one of these machines, which will make flying them safe and fun.

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